Graduating from Brunel University in 2013, I jumped straight into my career within the NHS completing my junior rotations. I quickly found my love for lungs and specialised in respiratory physiotherapy. Gaining experience in surgery, ITU, HDU, acute medicine and vascular, I specialised further in chronic respiratory diseases. 

I am now splitting my time in chronic respiratory diseases and re-skilling in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. 

I am particularly interested in breathing pattern disorders and asthma in athletes, but also exercise prescription in chronic disease. 


Exercise is medicine 

Prescribing exercise like parkrun is the perfect way to empower people to take responsibility for their health.  

Combining my love for sport and my fascination for the respiratory system is something I am really passionate about. 

My areas of interest and expertise


  • Pulmonary rehabilitation & exercise prescription in respiratory diseases. 
  • Airway clearance. 
  • Ambulatory oxygen. 
  • Disease management and education - COPD, Bronchiectasis, Asthma. 
  • Breathing pattern disorders. 


  • Fractures and post operative orthopaedic surgery. 
  • Lower limb overuse injuries. 
  • Running injuries. 
  • Female endurance athletes. 

Please contact me for any physiotherapy enquires